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FAQ (Read First)

Post by Stack-Tech » Mon Jan 19, 2015 8:26 am

We have compiled a list of common Frequently Asked Questions related to OMSA eNotify here, please read before posting a question about the product.

What features are missing from the "lite" version, and what other differences are there?
    Cannot launch external programs as part of an event triggered by OMSA
    Does not include the ability to customize the e-mail message, just sends basic information about which event happened, and the servers name
    Does not support writing OMSA events to the custom Windows Event Log
    Does not support Microsoft Exchange server for outbound emails
    Does not have the automatically check for updates on startup feature
    Does not automatically detect new OMSA events that might become available if you upgrade OMSA or your server capabilities, you must manually poll for new events

What happens if an e-mail fails to send?
    OMSA eNotify will re-attempt sending of the email every X minutes (X is a number which can be set in the options)
    If you are running a licensed copy a Windows Critical Event will be registered (if all retry attempts fail)
    If you are running a licensed copy a message dialog will popup for any logged in users on the server, and at the console (if all retry attempts fail)

Is there a Newsletter available so I can stay up to date with the product via e-mail?

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